We want you to become a Butterfly and embark on a journey of personal development, wisdom, broadened horizon, impactful projects, inspirational events and worldwide friendships.

Our Idea

It's the network, stupid!

Set your eyes on the horizon

Let's dream big. Mankind can do better. Technological Innovation is one answer to the challenges of the 21st century. The other is development of our consciousness with the goal being a collective wisdom as the foundation of a global citizenship.

Gather people and form a network

We believe in the power of networks of incredible individuals. Of people with the openness to learn and to see differences not as threats but as chances. People, who are curious, friendly and treat other people with respect, who seek first to understand then to be understood.

Offer tools and foster interactions

In a digital word distance becomes relative and the learning experiences even greater. Everything we do is asking questions how things could improve and invite people of all continents to share their experiences and knowledge to create solutions for the benefit of mankind.

Global Crowd Innovation Community

The result is a global network for personal growth where we support each other to reduce our blind spots. A Bay where ideas can flourish and solutions are developed. For the good of each of us, societies, companies and organizations.

All Features

Course, Activity & Inquiry Dashboard
Global Directory of all Butterflies
Groups & Forums with Zoom Integration
Internal Messaging System
Monthly Online Magazine Lateral
Weekly Podcast
Recordings of past Innovation Talks
Online and Offline Events
Yearly Festival
Academy with Certification and Quizzes
Project Management

Road Map

May 2021

Local Bays

With our revised community we will also start our Local Bays. Formerly known as “Local Committees” the Local Bays will offer various formats. The most important being our “Wisdom Circles” in which groups of 4-6 butterflies embark to a journey of personal growth.
May 2021

June 2021

Advanced Gamification

We are constantly adding new options to reward networkers, organizers and moderators. Recognition of one`s achievements is an important part of our organizational culture.
June 2021

July 2021

Advanced Academy

We will offer the opportunity for Trainers, Coaches and Teachers to not only offer Workshops, Seminars and Trainings to the community but also to the market, to get visibility using our network and to earn money by selling courses.
July 2021

September 2021

Consulting Services

Until September 2021 we will have all past contents in English and offer translations with interpreters during our online Workshops, Talks and Events. We will also add translation capabilities within our Groups, Forums and Discussions to make the Community more accessible for all.
September 2021

October 2021

Fully in English

Until September 2021 we will have all past contents in English and offer translations with interpreters during our online Workshops, Talks and Events.We will also add translation capabilities within our Groups, Forums and Disccusions to make the Community more accessible for all.
October 2021


Virtual Reality Integration

The Butterfly Bay opens its doors to a virtual experience of learning, creativity and interaction.


Advanced Project Management

An Advanced Project Management will offer the opportunity to even better start projects and bring ideas into reality.



Our first Festival will take place with Speakers from around the globe, Workshops and Inspiration for the Butterfly Bay Community.



Our first Ideathon will take place and invite the Community and the public to share Challenges from which we will chose and develop solutions.

The Deal

We offer the opportunity to become a member of Butterfly Bay to as many people as possible because we believe that the best solutions are found in diversity.


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