The Butterfly Bay Charta is the foundation on which all our efforts are based.

§1 Preamble

Butterfly Bay makes a peaceful contribution to the exchange of ideas and the fulfillment of humankind`s potential.
Every Butterfly seeks to develop his skills and personality.
We join forces for a positive impact on society and to contribute to change in the world.

§2 Goals

1.) To make a contribution to peace and to foster international understanding.
2.) To actively accompany technological progress and to develop innovations.
3.) To contribute to the development of consciousness based on a holistic perception of the world.
4.) To promote humankind’s economic prosperity.
5.) To contribute to humanism in a philosophical sense.
6.) To carry out projects together that contribute to the achievement of Butterfly Bay’s goals.

§3 Axioms

1.) To support one another, to treat people with respect and to discriminate neither idea nor person.
2.) To acquire knowledge and skills, to strive for mastery and to be open to the new.
3.) To enable and promote discussion and exchange between the members.
4.) To follow the primacy of reason, to allow subjective experiences and to accept the path of life of each individual.
5.) To learn from opposites and contradictions in the pursuit of a holistic understanding of life.

Our History

The “Querdenker-Movement” began when people organized themselves in individual networks and gathered to promote innovations, ideas and ethics. We grew into Germany, Austria and Switzerland organizing congresses, talqs, innolabs and innjourneys. Founded in 1999 our development is similar to the history of humankind. If it had not used a stone as a tool, carved tree trunks into wheels or translated learning from nature into bionics, if individuals had not thought outside of the box, if we had not remained curious or agile and adaptable, we would not be able to fly and discover new worlds, fight hunger in the world and develop quantum computers.

Developing lateral thinking is associated with a great deal of responsibility. Each step demands ethical self-reflection. How do we want to live together in the future? Which progress do we want to develop further? How can we preserve our planet and organize our society socially and sustainably? What are the basic conditions we wish for all beings and how does that transfer into business, politics and science?

Fortunately, there are visionaries in the Querdenker-Community who are willing to take the vision of a peaceful world through societal, economical and political innovation a step further. Since 2018 we are transforming the organization to open our network to other countries, to digitize our services and to search for new ideas around the globe enriching our network.

The opportunity presented to the Querdenker community is outstanding. It is nothing less than the ambition to create the leading global crowd innovation community. If Google enables worldwide access to information, Amazon globalizes trade and Facebook turns receivers into transmitters, then Querdenker can activate the collective intelligence of the Internet. It is the next evolutionary step.

If it is possible to combine individuals, organizations and networks around the globe to find and identify new ideas, to learn from each other and to reach for constant improvement of ourselves and for the society we live in, then a new quality can emerge that promotes acceptance and legitimacy for a better society. Innovation will become a fluid public process.

The year 2020 marked a turning point for almost everybody

The challenges of the future require global coordination, cooperation and co-creation. New ways of thinking and sharing will arise that will merge individuals from all around the world.

We understand our community as a breeding ground of revolutionary ideas, thought experiments, controversial discussions and the catalyst for an accelerated development of innovations.

Being confronted with the misuse of our brand name for a political movement we decided to change our brand name to Butterfly Bay. The symbolism is an homage to our history, as many ideas and projects pass through several stages before completion. A flap of a butterfly can change the world and as all innovators, dreams, true originals, idealists and change agents need a safe harbor where an exchange among like-minded individuals can take place and bear the beautiful, the unexpected, the revolutionary.